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Unlike other natural skincare brands who would never tell you just how natural their products are, at YB London, the natural % number written on each product is always 90% or above. And this has been tested and certified in clinical lab tests. And our range has high use of natural ingredients, no parabens, no harsh chemicals, is suitable for vegans, no SLS, is cruelty-free, and UK manufactured and tested. This is because of our commitment to quality and our care for sensitive skin. Not sure which natural skincare is good for baby and after labour care for mom? Then watch out for the natural % number when buying skincare for baby and skincare for pregnant mums and mums in maternity. We believe that the power of nature is the best solution for helping prevent and remove stretch marks and after labour stitches and c-section scars for new mums in maternity.

So now you can know exactly what you are buying for your baby and yourself.

You can also find the perfect natural skincare for baby shower gift sets for mother & baby from here. Get 10% off for your first order.

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