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Gift Set For Baby & Toddler (3 Items)


Not sure what to give as a baby shower present? This Baby & Toddler Gift Set (3 items) is the perfect choice for a new baby and even toddler.

  • The super practical baby nail kit set is going to save a lot of hassle for a new mum when she cuts the little one’s sharp and fragile nails.
  • The premium quality 100% Knitted acrylic wool yarn blanket, with a soft, cute and fun 3D design, will keep the baby warm but not too hot. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and will not cause any allergy reaction.
  • The baby & toddler knee pads/knee protectors are a perfect solution for a new crawler/walker to avoid getting injured when falling on the ground, especially in summer!
  • A premium quality large gift bag and greeting card are also included in this set. The simple, but elegant design makes for the perfect present for your friends and family.
  • See more detail below.

Product detail:

  • This gift set includes 1 x Newborn Baby Nail Kit, 1 x Baby/Toddler Blanket – 3D design, 1 x Baby & Toddler Knee Pads/ Knee Protectors, 1 x Large Premium Quality YB Present Bag & Greeting card.
  • 14 Days replacement/refund guarantee.
  • Compared with buying individually, you SAVE £1.96 – 5.86.

Detail of Newborn Baby Nail Kit – Bear:

  • Absolutely essential for new babies!
  • The safe and easy way to solve the newborn baby’s sharp nail problem, and to stop your little ones from scratching their faces, or even your face.
  • The set is suitable for use on newborns and toddlers.
  • Soft and nude pink coloured bear design, cute shape, suitable for both baby boys and baby girls.
  • 1 x Baby nail clipper with rounded shell design and overlapping blades to ensure the safety of the cutting which prevents cutting into baby’s skin.
  • 1 x Baby nail scissors with rounded tip for safe trimming. Comfortable handles are suitable for both left and right-handed use.
  • 1 x Baby tweezers with rounded tips for better safety.
  • 1 x Fine quality nail file with a rounded finish.
  • It has everything you need for your baby’s manicure!

Detail of Baby/Toddler Blanket – 3D design:

Material: 100% Knitted Acrylic Fiber Woolen Yarn.

  • Size: 3D Rabbit blanket 105*175cm; 3D Unicorn blanket 105*175cm; 3D Fox blanket 110*70CM.
  • Warning: We do not recommend to use this blanket on newborns due to its large size.
  • Suitable age: 6 months or above.
  • Colour various.

Detail of Baby & Toddler Knee pads / Knee protectors:

  • Essential for crawlers, new walkers and toddlers, these knee pads protect babies from getting arm and knee injuries.
  • Light as a feather, so as not to restrict your baby having fun while playing.
  • Made from breathable material to avoid heat rash.
  • Soft Foam layer in the middle gives extra security to prevent injury.
  • Material: Cotton.
  • Weight: 0.03g.
  • Cute peach and carrot designs.

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