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Rainbow Teething Bracelet


  • Handmade in England, made to order with the finest quality
  • Perfect baby shower gift.
  • An excellent way to help soothing baby’s teething pain and prevent baby to chew on other harmful objects.
  • The Rainbow Teething Bracelet with Logo is perfect for teething babies who do not use dummies and it is also suitable for all baby.
  • Bumpy texture on the back.
  • Fun look, cute and fashionable accessory for babies.
  • As always, the materials are all natural silicone and wood which have been fully certificated for its safety.
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The materials we use are natural silicone, wood, cotton,  which is BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free.

Our handmade method is very secure for not causing choking hazard as they are all double-knotted with extra thick and higher quality strings, which you will find us better than those in the existing market.

  • Warning: It should not happen usually, however, please put everything away from the baby if the item is broken.
  1. Justine Dupré Braumann

    Most adorable teether ever!!Not only is this teether the cutest most unique adorable teethers out there, but my son actually completely loves it so much too!! It’s one thing to look cute but it’s a whole other thing when they serve the purpose there meant to! This is the perfect baby gift and so, so great!!

  2. Alexandra

    I love the designs of YB handmade teethers and I will continue to shop here! Worth the price and such good quality for babies. Defo recommend it!

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