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Baby Sleep Aid Gift Set (2 Items)


Pre-order Bunny blanket in grey now.  Stock arrival date: 05/07/2021.

Not sure what to give as a baby shower present? This Baby Sleep Aid gift set is the perfect choice for a new mum and new baby.

  • The super practical Baby Sleep Aid White Noise / Lullaby Nightlight will help new mums destress and enjoy better quality sleep while their sleeping hours have massively reduced after had a new baby. It also helps to make a newborn baby feeling more secure and fall asleep faster by listening to the white noise or its real womb heartbeat simulation sound. It gives the new baby a familiar environment as when they were in the womb.
  • The premium quality 100% Knitted acrylic wool yarn blanket, with a soft, cute and fun 3D design, will keep the baby warm but not too hot. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and will not cause any allergy reaction.
  • A premium quality large gift bag and greeting card are also included in this set. The simple, but elegant design makes for the perfect present for your friends and family.
  • See more detail below.

Product detail:

  • This gift set includes 1 x Baby Sleep Aid White Noise/Lullaby Nightlight, 1 x Baby/Toddler Blanket – 3D design, Large Premium Quality YB Present Bag & Greeting card.
  • 14 Days replacement/refund guarantee.
  • Compared with buying individually, you SAVE £2.95 – 6.85.

Detail of Baby Sleep Aid White Noise/Lullaby Nightlight:

  • More benefits and evidence of the benefits of white noise for baby’s sleeping can be found by clicking here.
  • This YB Baby Sleep Aid White Noise & Lullaby Nightlight is suitable for all ages to help with sleep problems.
  • 20 different white noises from nature, including the sound of a real womb, water, rainforest, crickets, rain, thunder, clock, birds, lullaby music, etc.
  • Gentle breathable warm nightlight (2 modes adjustable) helps with vision when getting up through the night.
  • 3 mode integrated timer can be set to automatically turn off the sound after 15, 30, 60 minutes.
  • USB chargeable.
  • Volume is adjustable by long-press of the “+” and “-” button.
  • Once fully charged, it can work for up to 30 hours.
  • Small and lightweight design, portable and easy to bring for travelling.
  • User manual guide included.
  • 14 days replacement/refund guarantee.

YB Baby Sleep Aid White Noise & Lullaby Nightlight – Including Real Womb Sound Simulation VIDEO

Detail of Baby/Toddler Blanket – 3D design:

Material: 100% Knitted Acrylic Fiber Woolen Yarn.

  • Size: 3D Rabbit blanket 105*175cm; 3D Unicorn blanket 105*175cm; 3D Fox blanket 110*70CM.
  • Warning: We do not recommend to use this blanket on newborns due to its large size.
  • Suitable age: 6 months or above.
  • Colour various.

Links to each individual product for more information:


Blanket Design

3D Camel Rabbit, 3D Grey Rabbit, 3D Pink Unicorn, 3D Blue Unicorn, 3D Fox

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