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99% Natural Baby Body Massage Oil

£17.99£19.99 / month

  • 99% Natural.
  • A natural baby oil blended with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E to help to keep that sensitive skin hydrated and soft. Lavender and Chamomile, with their calming and soothing scents, help to physically and emotionally calm your little one down.
  • Apply it directly to the body as a body oil or use it as a baby massage oil.  Best after bath and before sleeping. It helps to give your little one a peaceful and enjoyable night.
  • The best choice for sensitive skin.
  • High use of natural ingredients,
  • No Parabens,
  • No harsh chemicals,
  • Suitable for vegans,
  • No SLS ,
  • Cruelty-free
  • UK manufactured and tested
  • One of the only brands that will tell you exactly what you will be putting on you and your baby’s skin. All of our natural skincare range consists of at least 90% natural ingredients. This is one of the highest % in the existing market of ‘natural’ skincare products. All of our skincare range is made in the UK and certified through clinical lab tests.

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  • 200ML x 1.
  • Monthly Subscription, you SAVE 10%. (You can cancel your subscription anytime after the first 3 months.)
  • No artificial fragrance or colour added.
  • Scents: lavender and chamomile
  • Ingredients: Lavender 40/42, Chamomile Roman, Vit E Acetate, Calendula Infused Oil, Sunflower Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.
  • Allergens: Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

If your baby gets dry skin easily, we do not recommend using this massage oil as a daily moisturiser because it does not leave a thick coating on the skin.

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To learn more about ingredients, you can read our blogs (based on scientific research):

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  1. Leane Lilly

    When it comes to Nolan’s sensitive skin I am very very wary of what I use on it, after a few days of testing and knowing it was safe to use, we’ve been using the massage oil for his massage time and honestly, it smells absolutely unreal and giving me all the spa feels! Thank you.

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